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In 2022, a record-breaking students moved to new UK cities, eager to make new connections.
To meet this demand, Tinder partnered with BYTE/DEPT® to launch Tinder Uni, an in-app feature that verifies students by adding their university to their bio, enabling them to find like-minded singles and friends on campus beyond their randomly-assigned flatmates.

Our challenge was to raise awareness of Tinder Uni among UK students. While Tinder is a well-known dating brand, we needed to position Tinder Uni as a fresh and relevant option for today's students.

The Art Direction took iconic symbols from the Tinder app and transformed them into Y2K-inspired chromatic 3D forms, playing with motion design to reflect the social dynamic of single students. Tinder loved this new direction, which felt at once fresh and recognisable for the brand. The tactile forms were used in playful ways, simulating interactions and reflecting the physicality and substance of the brand. Incorporating splashes of Tinder's hot pink colour, the graphical treatment felt modern and exciting, resonating with the Gen-Z target audience. Real students making genuine connections were featured in the campaign's photography, emphasising the authenticity of the campaign.

During the first two weeks of our campaign launch, sign-ups for Tinder Uni surpassed targets and broke records, particularly in Manchester where we tailored our OOH communications. In-app engagement reached an unparalleled 28.3%, far outperforming Tinder's standard of 5-6%. Our campaign resulted in a staggering 36,000 students registering for Tinder Uni, a 30% increase from the US launch. Our success not only met but exceeded our goals, and we were able to successfully revamp the brand's image, positioning Tinder as the leader in the dating app market.
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