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We developed the Smart World Premiere campaign to introduce the all-new electric car, Smart #1. This campaign represents a significant milestone for Smart, which is committed to designing a smarter future together with its audience. Through our partnership with Smart, we focused on creating a dynamic and engaging multichannel campaign that showcases the futuristic design, seamless connectivity, and cutting-edge features of the #1. The Smart World Premiere campaign invites our audience to co-create the future of mobility and reimagine what a car can be.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Graphite_2x.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max Graphite_2x.png
The art direction for the Smart World Premiere campaign was driven by a desire to create a visually compelling and dynamic experience. To achieve this, one of our primary goals was to add energy to the design guidelines through motion. Additionally, we prioritised the flexibility in the copy design to facilitate easy translations across different languages and cultures. To accomplish this, we used an in-house automation software that allowed us to create automated assets with a matrix of copy for each language. This approach allowed us to efficiently produce a comprehensive suite of over 1,500 assets across seven markets. The end result was a cohesive and engaging campaign that effectively showcased the cutting-edge features of the Smart #1 while also inviting audiences around the world to co-create the future of mobility.
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