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The ASOS Broad Reach campaign is a creative and innovative initiative that focuses on the concept of sharing fashion inspiration with others, regardless of geographical location. The campaign centres around the ASOS app, which provides a vast selection of fashion options to satisfy the diverse tastes of customers worldwide.

The art direction of the campaign was focused on bringing the concept to life through visual elements that showcased the app's features and functionality. The team experimented with various compositing techniques and realistic screen reflections, creating a seamless transition between different products and styles. In addition, the text tracking added a dynamic and modern touch
to the campaign.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Graphite_2x.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max Graphite_2x.png
Vox pops were incorporated into the campaign, providing behind-the-scenes footage and showcasing the personalities involved. These quick and fun edits added an extra layer of personality to the campaign and provided an intimate look at the creative process.
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