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eBay's goal is to establish itself as the leading platform for fashion recommerce by creating a consistent visual identity system that confidently represents the brand within the fashion industry. The system must be flexible enough to cover various categories, such as Preloved and Luxe, while also suiting different stages of the customer journey. This requires eBay to prove its worth to customers, avoid blending into the background of the fashion world and challenge existing norms. The overall objective is to create a new and ownable visual identity for eBay fashion, allowing the brand to confidently deliver its key messages and differentiate itself from competitors.

eBay's graphic language, built using UI elements, serves as a window into the eBay experience. It uses flexible framing that can come together like puzzle pieces, allowing different search stories to be told and highlighting unique finds. This design approach positions eBay's product experience as a tool that empowers users to discover their unique style.

The approach resonates with the fashion world, where creativity is driven by layering, mixing, and matching to create fresh and exciting looks. It aligns eBay's visual identity with the dynamic nature of fashion, suggesting a seamless user experience that invites exploration and personal expression.

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